1. Donations must be made via www.AvenuesforHope.org between 8:00 AM on December 12 and 11:59 PM on December 31 to be eligible for the Challenge.
  2. An eligible or unique gift is defined as one gift of $25 or more to one organization from one donor made via www.avenuesforhope.org. Multiple gifts made by the same donor to the same organization will not be counted towards prizes.
  3. Unique donations are qualified solely by the donor’s email address.
  4. A donor is defined as an individual, business or foundation. (A nonprofit may not donate to itself but staff and board may make personal gifts.)
  5. Each gift is 100% tax-deductible and all donations are final and cannot be refunded.
  6. Cash or checks can be accepted by participating nonprofits to be entered as “offline gifts”. Receipts will only be generated if an email address is provided by the donor.
  7. Offline gifts can be accepted in cash or checks (if dated during the month of December 2023) and entered into the campaign site between 8 a.m. December 12 and 6 p.m. December 29. Offline gifts will not be accepted after December 29.
  8. Proof of offline gifts (copies of payments) may be requested to validate prizes. Save copies of all offline gifts entered in case this is required.
  9. Matching gifts can be administered by participating nonprofits. Proof of matching funds (copies of payments) may be required to validate any prize or match awards.
  10. Nonprofits cannot offer anything of monetary value in exchange for charitable gifts.
  11. GiveGab retains a 2% campaign management fee from all donations, capped at $20 per donation. Credit Card processing fees are an additional 2.5% + $0.30 for all major credit cards. You are given the option to cover the fees and if you choose this option, 100% of your online charitable gift will go to the receiving organization. The Home Partnership Foundation does not charge any additional fees for this campaign.
  12. Secure donations for Avenues for Hope are provided through GiveGab to each donor entering their own credit card information directly on AvenuesForHope.org. Any third party who enters credit card information on behalf of a donor, by their actions of entering any such credit card information on behalf of a donor, has signified their agreement with the Avenues for Hope sponsoring organizations 1.) to assume all risk of loss and any liability associated with such transaction and 2.) to indemnify each of the sponsoring organizations of Avenues for Hope against any and all risk of loss and any liability associated with such transaction.
  13. The Home Partnership Foundation reserves the right to use its discretion allocating funds from the grants and match pool in the event of a tie or other circumstances.

Prize Rules

  1. Only one online gift of $25 or more per unique donor (by email address), per organization, will be counted for any of the prizes.
  2. Tie-breakers: If there is a tie for two organizations in the most donors category, the organization with the most dollars raised donors will win. If there is a tie for two organizations in the most raised category, the organization with the most unique donors will win.
  3. Organizations are only eligible to win one grand prize in each category of most donors and most dollars raised, as well as only one challenge prize of each type.
  4. Prize winners may be subject to a donation audit before receiving prize funds.
  5. Avenues for Hope reserves the right to withhold a prize if an organization has made any misrepresentations including but not limited to falsifying donor email addresses.
  6. All final prizes will be announced no later than January 10.
  7. Prize money is distributed separately from the funds raised online. Nonprofits will receive one payment from the Home Partnership Foundation for all prize money and matching funds earned no later than January 31.
  8. The Home Partnership Foundation is not eligible to win prizes.
  9. Please direct any questions to afh@ihfa.org.