2020 Campaign Prizes and Matching Funds

Only one gift of $25 or more per donor, per organization made during the live campaign will be counted. A unique gift is qualified solely by email address. We reserve the right to verify  or audit online and offline donations.

Grand Prizes

Participating organizations are only eligible for one prize in each category of Most Donors and Most Money Raised in either the statewide or regional leaderboards from gifts received online or offline during the live campaign. 

Statewide Leaderboard 
for Most Donors and Most Raised 
First Place: $5,000 each
Second Place: $4,000 each
Third Place: $3,0000 each
Regional - North Southwest and Southeast 
for Most Donors and Most Raised 
First Place: $3,000 each
Second Place: $2,000 each
Third Place: $1,000 each

Challenges Prizes

Participating organizations are eligible for one of each Challenge Prize from unique gifts received online. Offline gifts will not be counted towards these prizes (except Surpass the Past). 

  • Early Birds: $500 to each nonprofit that receives at least 12 gifts by 12 noon on 12/10 (Day 1). 
  • Weekend Warriors: $250 to each nonprofit that receives at least 12 gifts during a single weekend. 
  • Domestic Dozen: $250 to each nonprofit that receives donations from 12 or more U.S. States. 
  • Surpass the Past: $500 to each nonprofit that receives more gifts in 2020 than 2019. New and returning organizations must have a minimum of 10 gifts to qualify, online and offline gifts will count. 
  • Peer-to-Peer Peeps: $500 to the nonprofit in each region with the most peer-to-peer fundraising champions that raise a minimum of $100 each. 
  • Million Dollar Donor: $500 to the nonprofit that receives the online/verified donation that brings the campaign total to $1M. 
  • Random Daily Drawings: One donor will have $100 added to their donation every weekday of the campaign. A random drawing will be held each weekday around noon from donations made during the previous 24-hour period or from the weekends on Mondays. 


Random prizes may be announced or a awarded at any time.

Random social media prizes may also be awarded and will be evaluated on the level of online engagement (likes, shares, comments) in the following categories:

  • Fundraising Creativity: Use of photos, video and catchy stories to garner interest and support. 
  • Sponsor Recognition: Show appreciation for the sponsors who make this campaign possible. 
  • Nonprofit Collaboration: Cheer on/recognize fellow participants to broaden campaign visibility. 

Matching Funds

  • Celebrating 10 Years Match: An initial match of $2,500 is available for each participating organization from Idaho Housing and Finance Association to provide a $1:$1 match for online gifts up to $2,500. (This match is automated for each organization. This match is not to be used for offline gifts.) 
  • Additional Matches: Can be made by companies, foundations or individuals by directly contacting the nonprofit they'd like to support. (Matches must be added by nonprofit administrator.)

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