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Catholic Charities of Idaho

Founded in 2000, Catholic Charities of Idaho (CCI) seeks to provide culturally sensitive services to those in need using a family strengthening model approach. CCI is a faith-based, non-profit organization offering services to all people, regardless of religion, age, gender, disability, race/ethnicity, income or background. Catholic Charities of Idaho advances the dignity of individuals, families and communities by strengthening families, advocating justice and engaging the community to serve the common good. CCI’s economic stability services provide support to individuals and families to help them reach their economic goals and build a stable financial future. Financial literacy and asset building programs help families improve their economic circumstances.
Economic stability services help families manage their financial lives by learning skills to set financial goals, manage time, prioritize needs and budget properly. Through private and public funds, CCI supports individuals and families in saving money for key long-term assets, such as home ownership, with a goal of helping families become financially stable and secure. Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are matched savings accounts which assist people with modest means to save towards the purchase of a lifelong asset, like their own home. IDAs match the deposits of participants into special savings accounts; savers receive a 2:1 match for every dollar saved. Participants can use their savings and match money toward the purchase of a home.

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